Messi, Mbappé Perform in ‘Best World Cup Ever’
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Messi, Mbappé Perform in ‘Best World Cup Ever’
At the end of every World Cup, the president of the international soccer governing body FIFA always says it was the "best World Cup ever." 每届世界杯结束时,国际足球管理机构国际足联的主席总是说这是“有史以来最好的世界杯”。
This time, he might be right.
The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is now seen as one of the best ever with notable performances from Argentina's Lionel Messi and France's Kylian Mbappé.
这一次,他可能是对的。 2022 年卡塔尔国际足联世界杯现在被视为有史以来最好的世界杯之一,阿根廷的莱昂内尔·梅西和法国的基利安·姆巴佩都有出色的表现。
It did not start that way.
The South American national team lost to Saudi Arabia in its opening game by a score of 2-1. It was one of the biggest surprises in World Cup history. Messi, seen as one of the world's best soccer players called it a "hard blow." He said, "We did not expect to start in this way."
它不是这样开始的。 南美国家队在首场比赛中以2-1的比分输给了沙特阿拉伯。这是世界杯历史上最大的惊喜之一。被视为世界上最好的足球运动员之一的梅西称这是一次“沉重的打击”。他说,“我们没想到会这样开始。”
Argentina recovered from the loss to win its next five games. And Messi went on to score five goals to reach the final, the championship game. 阿根廷从失利中恢复过来,赢得了接下来的五场比赛。梅西继续打进五个进球进入决赛,冠军争夺战。
With enough points to continue to the next round, France experimented with a different lineup against Tunisia in the final group stage game. The World Cup defending champion did not start their star player Kylian Mbappé. France lost the game 1-0. 拿到足够积分晋级下一轮的法国在小组赛最后一场对阵突尼斯的比赛中尝试了不同的阵容。世界杯卫冕冠军并没有首发他们的明星球员姆巴佩。法国队以 1-0 输掉了比赛。
France followed the loss with three straight wins over Poland, England and Morocco to reach the final. And Mbappé also tied Messi with five goals going into the game. 法国队在失利后连续三场战胜波兰、英格兰和摩洛哥进入决赛。姆巴佩在比赛中也以五个进球追平了梅西。
On Sunday, France and Mbappé took the field hoping to become the first team to win the World Cup back-to-back since Brazil's team did it with Pele in 1958 and 1962. 周日,法国队和姆巴佩上场,希望成为自 1958 年和 1962 年巴西队与贝利一起夺得世界杯冠军以来第一支连续夺得世界杯冠军的球队。
Messi, who has won every honor as a player, was looking for his first World Cup championship. He quickly put Argentina ahead with a penalty kick and teammate Angel Di Maria added a second goal before halftime. 作为一名球员赢得了各项荣誉的梅西,正在寻找他的第一个世界杯冠军。他很快用点球帮助阿根廷队取得领先,而队友安赫尔·迪马利亚在半场结束前又进了第二个球。
Argentina continued to control the ball in the second half and kept it away from Mbappé. With about 10 minutes left to play, Mbappé shocked Argentina by scoring two goals within two minutes to tie the game. 下半场阿根廷继续控球,不让姆巴佩吃到。比赛还剩约10分钟时,姆巴佩在两分钟内打入两球震惊阿根廷,扳平比分。
With the score tied, the game went to extra time. 比分打平,比赛进入加时赛。
Messi scored his second goal in the second period of extra time to again put Argentina ahead. Not to be outdone, Mbappé scored his third goal on a penalty kick after his shot on goal hit the arm of an Argentine player. Geoff Hurst of England is the only other player who scored three goals in a FIFA World Cup final in 1966. In soccer and hockey, this is known as a "hat trick." 梅西在第二节加时赛打进个人第二球,帮助阿根廷再次领先。姆巴佩也不甘示弱,在射门击中一名阿根廷球员的手臂后,他在点球大战中打进了自己的第三个进球。英格兰的杰夫赫斯特是唯一一位在 1966 年 FIFA 世界杯决赛中攻入三球的球员。在足球和曲棍球比赛中,这被称为“帽子戏法”。
The score again tied at the end of the second extra period, so what is called a "shootout" would decide the winner. A shootout is when each team receives five penalty kick attempts. 比分在第二个加时赛结束时再次打成平手,因此所谓的“点球大战”将决定胜负。点球大战是指每支球队获得五次点球机会。
In the shootout, Mbappé scored first. Messi quickly found the net to tie the score. France, however, missed the next two penalty kicks and the World Cup went to Argentina. As Messi hugged his crying mother to celebrate the victory, French President Emmanuel Macron went on the field to comfort Mbappé. 点球大战中,姆巴佩率先破门。梅西很快就破门扳平比分。然而,法国错过了接下来的两个点球,世界杯落入了阿根廷的手中。在梅西拥抱哭泣的母亲庆祝胜利之际,法国总统马克龙上场安慰姆巴佩。
In Buenos Aires, hundreds of thousands of Argentines cheered on the streets as Argentina became world champions for the first time since 1986. 在布宜诺斯艾利斯,数十万阿根廷人在街头欢呼,因为阿根廷自 1986 年以来首次成为世界冠军。
"It took so long, but here it is," Messi told reporters. "Obviously, I wanted to complete my career with this, (I) can't ask for more." “花了这么长时间,但就在这里,”梅西告诉记者。“显然,我想以此来完成我的职业生涯,(我)不能要求更多了。”
Mbappé, who turns 24 on Tuesday, received the Golden Boot as the top scorer of the tournament with 8 goals, one more than Messi. 姆巴佩周二将年满 24 岁,他以 8 个进球获得金靴奖,成为本届赛事的最佳射手,比梅西多一球。
Former England player Jamie Carragher wrote on Twitter, "This game showed why football is the greatest game of all. This one is an all-time classic." 前英格兰球员杰米·卡拉格在推特上写道:“这场比赛展示了为什么足球是最伟大的比赛。这场比赛是有史以来的经典。”
Another former England player, Alan Shearer, told the BBC, "I've never seen anything like it and I don't think I'll ever see anything like it again." 另一位前英格兰球员阿兰希勒告诉 BBC,“我从未见过这样的事情,我认为我再也不会看到这样的事情了。”